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Enhance your culinary creations with the aromatic allure of carmon seeds from The Masala Studio. Discover the unique flavor and digestive benefits of this versatile spice. Elevate your dishes to new levels of deliciousness and savor the authentic taste of ajwain. Shop now and experience the exceptional quality of The Masala Studio’s ajwain spices. #Ajwain #SpiceDelights #AuthenticFlavor

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    Ajwain (Carmon Seeds)

    • Ajwain, also known as “bishop’s weed,” has been used in traditional medicine for its digestive properties and is believed to aid in relieving indigestion, flatulence, and stomach-related issues.
    • In Tamil Nadu, ajwain is referred to as “Omam” and is a common ingredient in South Indian cuisine, particularly in snacks like murukku and bajji.
    • Coriander powder, derived from the dried seeds of the coriander plant, adds a citrusy and earthy flavor to dishes when combined with ajwain.
    • Cumin powder, called “jeera powder” in Hindi, is often paired with ajwain to create a robust and aromatic blend that enhances the taste of various curries and gravies.
    • Asafoetida, or “hing” in Hindi, is a resin obtained from the Ferula plant and is used in minute quantities along with ajwain to add a distinct umami flavor to dishes.
    • Fenugreek leaves, known as “methi” in Hindi, have a slightly bitter taste and are used alongside ajwain to add depth and complexity to dishes like methi paratha and methi matar malai.
    • Cinnamon, or “dalchini” in Hindi, has a warm and sweet flavor that pairs well with ajwain in desserts, baked goods, and spiced beverages like masala chai.
    • Black cardamom, often referred to as “Badi elaichi” in Hindi, has a smoky and intense flavor that, when combined with ajwain, imparts a rich and aromatic essence to biryanis and meat-based dishes.
    • Star anise, commonly known as “chakra phool” in Hindi, has a licorice-like flavor that, when used with ajwain, enhances the taste of marinades, soups, and stews.
    • Nutmeg, known as “jaiphal” or “jaifal” in Hindi, has a warm and sweet flavor that, when combined with ajwain, adds a delightful aroma and taste to sweet and savory dishes alike.
    • Fennel seeds, referred to as “saunf” in Hindi and saunf in English, are often paired with ajwain in dishes like biryanis, pickles, and desserts to provide a refreshing and slightly sweet taste.
    • Chana masala, a popular spice blend that includes ajwain, is specifically used to season chickpea-based dishes such as chole and chana masala curry.
    • Garam masala, a versatile spice mix that incorporates ajwain, is widely used in Indian cuisine to add warmth, depth, and complexity to various curries, stews, and roasted dishes.
    • Indian spices, including ajwain, are renowned for their vibrant colors, rich flavors, and health benefits, and are a key component of the diverse and flavorful culinary heritage of India.50gm Package:
      • The 50gm package of The Masala Studio spices is a small and compact option.
      • It is designed for customers who need a smaller quantity of spices or want to try out a new flavor.
      • The dimensions of the 50gm package are approximately 8cm (length) x 5cm (width) x 2cm (height).
      • Despite its small size, it contains enough spices to add flavor to multiple dishes or recipes.
      • The package is lightweight and convenient to carry, making it suitable for travel or for individuals who prefer smaller portions.

      100gm Package:

      • The 100gm package is a mid-sized option, ideal for regular home usage or for those who frequently cook Indian cuisine.
      • It offers a larger quantity of spices compared to the 50gm package, ensuring that you have an ample supply for multiple preparations.
      • The dimensions of the 100gm package are approximately 12cm (length) x 8cm (width) x 3cm (height).
      • It is designed to be compact yet spacious enough to accommodate a substantial amount of spices.
      • The 100gm package is a popular choice among home cooks who frequently use Masala Studio spices in their everyday cooking.

      200gm Package:

      • The 200gm package is the largest option available, catering to customers who require a larger quantity of spices or prefer to stock up.
      • It provides an economical choice for bulk buying and is suitable for commercial purposes as well.
      • The dimensions of the 200gm package are approximately 15cm (length) x 10cm (width) x 4cm (height).
      • With its generous capacity, the 200gm package ensures that you have a substantial supply of spices that can last for an extended period.
      • It is a convenient option for avid cooks, restaurants, or individuals who frequently host gatherings and prefer to have a larger quantity of Masala Studio spices readily available.
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