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Discover the intense flavor and captivating aroma of asafoetida with The Masala Studio’s premium collection. Available in 25gm, 50gm, and 100gm sizes, our asafoetida spice adds a bold twist to your culinary creations. Elevate your dishes with this aromatic spice and experience the authentic taste of Indian cuisine. Perfect for both occasional and regular use, our asafoetida guarantees freshness and quality in every sprinkle. Spice up your cooking and let the rich flavors of asafoetida take center stage.

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    • Asafoetida, also known as “hing” in Hindi, is a resinous spice with a strong and pungent aroma.
    • It is commonly used in vegetarian and vegan cooking as a substitute for onion and garlic.
    • Ajwain, or carom seeds, is a spice with a strong and distinct flavor. In Tamil, it is known as “omam.”
    • Coriander powder, made from ground coriander seeds, is a versatile spice used in various Indian dishes.
    • Cumin powder, or “jeera powder” in Hindi, is a popular spice that adds a warm and earthy flavor to curries and rice dishes.
    • Fenugreek leaves, known as “methi” in Hindi, are used as a green vegetable or dried and crushed as a spice.
    • Fenugreek seeds, or “methi dana,” are small golden-brown seeds with a slightly bitter taste and are used in Indian cooking.
    • Dalchini, or cinnamon, is a sweet and aromatic spice that adds warmth to both sweet and savory dishes.
    • Black cardamom, often called “badi elaichi,” has a smoky and robust flavor, commonly used in rich curries and biryanis.
    • Star anise is a star-shaped spice with a strong licorice flavor, used in Indian cuisine for its aromatic properties.
    • Jaiphal, or nutmeg, is a warm and nutty spice that is commonly used in both sweet and savory dishes.
    • Sauf, also known as fennel seeds, has a sweet and slightly licorice-like flavor, used in Indian cooking and as a mouth freshener.
    • Chana masala is a spice blend specifically used for making chickpea curry, known as “chana masala.”
    • Garam masala is a fragrant spice blend made from various spices, such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and cumin, used to enhance the flavor of Indian dishes.
    • The Masala Studio offers a wide range of authentic Indian spices, capturing the essence of desi masale.
    • Indian spices are renowned worldwide for their unique flavors and play a vital role in traditional Indian cuisine.
    • The Masala Studio ensures the highest quality and freshness of their spices, sourced directly from India.
    • Cardamom, also known as elaichi, is a highly prized spice known for its intense aroma and sweet flavor.
    • The price of cardamom can vary depending on factors such as quality, origin, and market demand.
    • The Masala Studio provides a variety of spices, including hard-to-find spices like star anise, jaiphal, and sauf, catering to diverse culinary needs.
    • Whether you’re preparing vegetarian dishes, meat-based curries, or indulging in aromatic desserts, The Masala Studio offers a range of authentic Indian spices to elevate your culinary experience.

      25gm Package:

      • The 25gm package is designed for customers who prefer a smaller quantity or want to try out a new spice.
      • The dimensions of the 25gm package may vary, but it typically measures around 5 cm in length, 5 cm in width, and 5 cm in height.
      • The compact size makes it easy to store in your kitchen pantry or spice cabinet.
      • The package is lightweight and portable, allowing you to carry it conveniently if needed.
      • Despite its smaller size, the 25gm package still ensures that the spice remains fresh and flavorful.

      50gm Package:

      • The 50gm package is suitable for regular home cooking and provides a moderate quantity of spice.
      • The dimensions of the 50gm package may vary, but it generally measures around 7 cm in length, 7 cm in width, and 6 cm in height.
      • The package is slightly larger than the 25gm option, offering a bit more spice for those who use it frequently.
      • It is designed to be space-efficient and easy to handle, fitting comfortably in your kitchen storage.
      • The 50gm package is lightweight and convenient to carry, making it suitable for travel or on-the-go cooking needs.

      100gm Package:

      • The 100gm package is ideal for avid cooks, families, or those who use the spice frequently.
      • The dimensions of the 100gm package may vary, but it typically measures around 9 cm in length, 9 cm in width, and 7 cm in height.
      • The package is larger in size compared to the 25gm and 50gm options, offering a generous supply of the spice.
      • Despite its larger quantity, the package is designed to be compact and space-efficient, ensuring easy storage.
      • The 100gm package is sturdy and durable, protecting the spice from moisture and light, and preserving its quality.
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    25gm, 50gm, 100gm


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