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Discover the authentic taste of Indian cuisine with The Masala Studio’s Coriander Powder. Made from premium coriander seeds, this aromatic spice elevates the flavors of your dishes. Perfect for curries, marinades, and more, our dhania Powder brings a burst of flavor to your culinary creations. Experience the essence of Indian spices and enhance your cooking with The Masala Studio’s Coriander Powder.

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    Coriander Powder (Dhaniya Powder)

    • The Masala Studio offers a high-quality coriander powder that is an essential ingredient in Indian cuisine.
    • Coriander powder is made from dried coriander seeds and has a distinct flavor and aroma.
    • It is commonly used in combination with other spices like red chilli, cumin powder, asafoetida, fenugreek leaves, cinnamon, black cardamom, star anise, nutmeg, fennel seeds, and more to create flavorful Indian dishes.
    • Red chilli is a popular spice that adds heat and color to the dishes.
    • Ajwain, also known as carom seeds, is used as a flavoring agent and digestive aid. It is called “ajwain” in English and “omam” in Tamil.
    • Cumin powder, known as “jeera powder” in Hindi, is widely used in Indian cooking for its earthy and warm flavor.
    • Asafoetida, also known as “hing” in Hindi, is a pungent spice used to enhance the flavor of curries and lentil dishes.
    • Fenugreek leaves, called “methi” in Hindi, are used as a herb in Indian cuisine and have a slightly bitter taste.
    • Dalchini, or cinnamon, is a sweet and aromatic spice that adds warmth to both sweet and savory dishes.
    • Cardamom, known as “elaichi” in Hindi, is a fragrant spice used in desserts, teas, and savory dishes. It comes in both green and black varieties.
    • Star anise, known as “jaiphal” or “jaifal” in Hindi, has a distinct licorice-like flavor and is used in spice blends and masalas.
    • Nutmeg, or “jaiphal,” is a versatile spice that adds a warm and slightly sweet flavor to dishes.
    • Sauf, also known as fennel seeds, is commonly used as a mouth freshener and digestive aid in Indian cuisine.
    • Chana masala, garam masala, chicken masala, and meat masala are popular spice blends that incorporate a variety of Indian spices.
    • The Masala Studio offers a wide range of authentic Indian spices, including coriander powder, to enhance the flavors of your dishes.
    • These desi masale (Indian spices) are carefully sourced and ground to provide the perfect balance of flavors in your cooking.
    • The use of Indian spices in various cuisines has gained popularity worldwide, and The Masala Studio ensures that you can enjoy the authentic taste of Indian cuisine in your own kitchen.

      100gm Package:

      • The Masala Studio offers a convenient 100gm package of coriander powder.
      • The package is designed to provide the right amount of coriander powder for smaller cooking needs or for those who prefer to use smaller quantities.
      • The dimensions of the 100gm package are approximately 10cm (length) x 5cm (width) x 3cm (height).

      200gm Package:

      • For customers with larger cooking requirements or who prefer to stock up on coriander powder, The Masala Studio offers a 200gm package.
      • This package provides double the quantity of coriander powder compared to the 100gm package.
      • The dimensions of the 200gm package are approximately 12cm (length) x 8cm (width) x 4cm (height).


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